Welcome back to this week’s edition of our ‘Meet the Team’ blog!

Here at Superior Interiors we place a high value on our employee-client relationships, which is why we want you to know who we are as a team.

This week features the newest member of our team: Design Assistant, Ifelola Adegbenro. Ifelola works hard assisting the senior designers with their upcoming projects:


What does a typical day look like for you here in the office?

Working in superior interiors is a great experience. Especially within the millennial age of the office place being home away from home, which allows me to dive into my experience of residential design as well as understanding more building regulations, standards and basic office functional needs. I have always worked with the residential design world and the switch has been a welcomed learning curve for me.

If you were any Disney character, who would you be?

If I was a Disney character, I would definitely be Mulan. She is the epitome of feminism and she is pretty badass

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would the slogan be?

Karma is a bitch? Don’t talk bad about my friends.

What was your favourite childhood toy?

Barbieeeeeeeeeee. I did the most with my barbies (.. and that’s a story for another day)

If you could meet any living person for a chat over a shared dinner, who would you pick and why?

I would pick, Basquiat. oh but he is dead, but his art has always amazed and inspired me. The “Mind” is one of my greatest interests and to dive into the mind of exceptional artists like Basquiat or keith haring would be amazing, It take a special type of crazy to create those type of pieces.

What is a fact no one would ever guess about you?

I’m pretty much an open book, especially with my expressions so it’s a bit hard to have secrets. I’m an Adrenaline junkie.. I’ll try anything at least once, life is too short.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I was reading and had a conversation with a friend on Love languages. Found out my love language is “words of affirmation”. Now it make sense since I’m the Hype queen for all my friends to the point of embarrassment.

Who is your hero, and why?

I’ve got 2 actually. My parents. They Sacrificed their youth to see us be great, “Us” is my brothers and I. When their mates were turning up and living life “La Vida Loca” they sacrificed their time and resources (I’ve got no student loans!!), the Goal is to take my mum on Holiday trips every season and My Dad to dine in the finest Restaurants all around the world, they deserve it all and more.

If you could live in any period of history, when would it be?

I would love to live in the 17th Century France, in Versaille; for obvious reasons, If the world was color blind obviously.

What is your favourite thing about working for Superior Interiors?

 I love the energy and Spirts of my colleagues, its less of a job here and more of a personal mission for everyone.

For more information on the services that Superior Interiors offers, please visit our services page here. Or give us a call to see how we can help plan your next office refurbishment!

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