Bring Four Seasons into Your Workplace!

Bring Four Seasons into Your Workplace!

The beauty of Ikebana

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We love this “four seasons” flower arrangement which beautifully married a variety of flowers into one poetic expression.

Ikebana is an art originated in Japan which can be traced back to the 7th century as flower offerings to shrines. This floral tradition achieved its first popularity in the 16th century influenced by Buddhist tea masters and ceremonies.

The etymology of Ikebana has beautiful origins such as “giving life to flowers” and “keep flowers alive”. The Buddhist philosophy of preserving life is reflected in every aspect of this art. Rigorous disciplines and rules were developed, including the choice of the flower vases – for Ikebana practitioners, the shape of receptacles which can prolong the life of flowers according to flower types is as important as aesthetic and quality.

According to a recent survey, employees consider a well-designed office more important than the location. The category of Artwork and Creative Imaginary is ranked as number three following Natural Light and Reconfigurable Furniture.

The growing importance has been placed on wellbeing, wholeness, user experience and hospitality for modern offices. We at Superior Interiors are dedicated to a “holistic” approach from inception to completion.

We create offices that reflect our clients branding, ethos and assist our clients to increase staff morale, loyalty, and productivity!

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Have an amazing weekend. 

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