Beautiful, functional and stylish, glass office dividers offer a modern approach to dividing up an office without blocking natural light and offer separation, privacy and sound blocking without reducing visibility or weighing down an office space with bulky industrial walls.

A glass office divider provides the privacy of a separate room while still maintaining clarity and openness with an invisible dividing line. Clear office partitions are great for separating work spaces, creating a sitting room for clients, or marking out a conference room that includes the whole office space in a fresh modern design.

They offer many advantages for the contemporary office, partitions effectively create a light and spacious working environment. The benefits afforded by glass office partitions make them a great way of adding an air of elegance as well as a professional appearance to any office. Regardless of the specific requirements of each office, there will always be a suitable choice in glass partitions to meet the needs of the business.

Office chic is made easy with etched glass film. Plain glass doors become elegant etched glass entrances in a matter of moments; while boring glass office partitions can be transformed into instant works of art. With a little imagination, etched glass decals can offer amazing impact with delicate filigree work, bold statement images and incredible optical effects.

Benefits include:

Natural light: Commercial partitions of glass do a terrific job of maximising the impact and dispersion of natural light, particularly when formed from clear plate glass that creates a powerful effect of open space. Adding glass partitions to a working environment provides an enhanced progressive mood in the space, at the same time as it saves money by increasing the use of natural light, thus boosting the impression given to clients and cutting down on energy expenditure.

Privacy: Glass office partitions can very successfully be used to create a private space within a busy office environment when they are formed from frosted, tinted or coloured styles of glass. They will also assist in the lowering of noise levels. In fact, double glazed glass partitions are some of the most effective at preventing noise pollution.

Cost-efficiency: Glass partitions will not only save on energy costs, they can also make the future expansion and rearrangement of an office a breeze. Glass partitions are an easily and quickly installed feature that are effective at dividing space while requiring zero or minimal structural modifications to the room – leading to considerable savings in cost.

As is clearly evident, glass partitions provide numerous advantages to an office space, such as providing natural soundproofing as well as a greater dispersion of natural light, but when it comes to deciding what is most practical and suitable in office partitions for any particular office, it is always worth seeking the advice of an expert office designer who can recommend a range of partition options according to your needs and budget.

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