Workplace Consultancy

Together we work with WK.Space to strategically analyse how the company operates, improve opportunity and provide a fully written report based on the data collected. The processes to date have included objective and subjective data gathering to understand your project from multiple facets. The aim is to understand in depth the people who make up the business and create a strategy and design that is unique to each client.

The stages of  the process are as follows:

  • The Stake Holder Workshop

Purpose and aims of the workshop:

  • To further understand the project and the client’s aims.
  • Understand the vision.
  • Understand the challenges.
  • Discuss the company culture.
  • Discuss new ways of working.

Space Occupancy Study

  • This is generally a 3 day study, but can be over a week
  • There is an observer based on site who does data collections every hour.
  • They also study behavioural assessment.

Online Survey

  • All staff to have a voice in the process.
  • Better understand your people.
  • Better understand their opinions.
  • Understand what works well and areas for improvement.
  • Provide a measure of success for the project.

Understanding your workers including personalities and demographics

  • Are they introverts, ambiverts, extroverts
  • Provide a measure of success for the project.

Interviews and Workshops

  • Gather subjective information.
  • Understand how people work.
  • Discuss culture.
  • What works well.
  • Areas for improvement
  • Ideas for the workplace.
  • Image blast activity
  • Wish list
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