Located in central London, IMPRESS is the first truly independent press regulator in the UK. Allowing freedom for publishers to report hard-hitting stories, they are impressively the only press regulator recognised under the Royal Charter.

Having just relocated their office, Superior Interiors were given the task of modelling their open plan limited space into a sleek and personalised office that is welcoming to both employees and visitors alike. The space was visually lightened and opened up through the use of glass partitioning. Upon entering, a curved glass wall is one of the features that immediately catches the eye. Manifestations on the glass add a simple yet effective design. In order to give staff a space where they could unwind during their down time and lunch breaks, a welcoming kitchen and breakout area with vinyl flooring was added. Chairs, soft seating, and orange columns are some of the key design features that help to give the office personality and life matching up to the employees who work there.

In 4 weeks, Superior Interiors have created a contemporary office space that is visually engaging with a professional yet emblematic touch.

16-18 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6AG
1300 sq ft
4 weeks

What the client said...

Superior Interiors certainly lived up to their name as we found from the pitch to the point where we signed everything off. They were top class. The team were really easy to work with and responded quickly and helpfully to all our requests. The office looks great, they've done a brilliant job all round. I'd certainly recommend them. Lee Hall, Buisness Manager & Company Secretary

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