Tips to Achieve an Organised Office

Tips to Achieve an Organised Office

An organised office is sought after by all but achieved by few. An organised work environment not only is more appealing to work in, it can help keep your business’s operations running efficiently.  Along with setting a sense of order and structure, a well-organised office space will reinforce team spirit and build a sense of professionalism for both your employees and your customers.  Messy and cluttered office spaces will undoubtedly diminish employees focus and, in extreme cases, creates a negative energy. While some justify their lack of organisation with space limitations and letting their creativity spill out onto their workstations, there are many creative ways to keep your work environment neat and organised.

Purge the office

You can’t create that productive workspace you’re looking for without starting with a purge. Remember: where you work affects how you work and getting rid of everything that adds no value to your productivity whatsoever is a great way to start.  Doing an “office purge” will help you separate the items that your workspace needs from the ones that need to be tossed away. All you must do is take a good look at what’s in your workspace and define the things you use every day, the things you use once in a while, and the ones you never use. Then create separate piles for each category.  Even hard copies of documents that don’t need to be physically kept can be scanned and stored on your computer system for access should you require them in the future.

Keep in mind that it may be challenging to get rid of certain items or materials, but if you know you or no one else never uses them, there is no point in having them around. They only add to the mess in your workspace or take up room in storage cupboards, so you are better off getting rid of them.  It can be a good idea to have a monthly purge to keep on top of personal and communal spaces so the task never takes as long again!

Storage & Systemise

Many studies have determined that disorganisation and hoarding objects in the workspace can negatively impact employees and may cause them to get extreme anxiety when making decisions.  There’s nothing worse than going to get something and it not being where it’s supposed to be!

So now that you’ve purged your office, it’s time to rearrange and start implementing organisation-friendly habits, that are easy for everyone to follow. Your goal here is to create a work environment that makes good organisation effortless.  A great way to do that is by creating dedicated systems that can help you group and label every remaining document or item retained after the decluttering phase so every item, or group of items, has a home. This is where adequate storage space, labelled storage boxes and containers come into play by helping your employees avoid the usual lost-item hunt and use that time for more productive endeavours instead.

Regular Cleaning

Unfortunately, cleaning your workspace once a month isn’t going to help you stay organised in the long term. You need to a conscious decision to clean your workstations daily and the wider office a few times a week (also daily if big/busy enough to justify it).  The more frequent the better so the office never goes back to be a cluttered mess. Cleanliness improves mood and in turn, encourages employees to work harder and attend to their job daily: A regularly cleaned office will cut down on your employees’ sick days by offering a healthy, germ-free environment to work in. By transforming your workspace into a more inviting and brighter place each morning, your employees will be more eager to arrive at work and therefore be more productive.

In the end, a key component to cultivating a positive work-life is organising and cleaning up your workspace. But sometimes the initial office set up makes it challenging to keep a clean work environment. Superior Interiors can help you overcome that and design your office space in a way that encourages organisation and hence increases efficiency in day to day operations.

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