Who wants a cup of tea?

How many cups of tea do you have a day?

We Brits go through 165 million cups of tea a day! With the business man or woman contributing to this number! Many of us are unaware that those tiny teabags that we use daily also equate to a tiny amount of plastic! Polypropylene to be exact, this small plastic is used in heat sealing methods in teabag production.

Our favourite brands ‘Twining’s, Tetley, PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea’ all contain plastic.
A lot of companies are trying to become 100% plastic free, with PG Tips announcing they will be plastic free from 2019. The plan is to make all tea bags out of biodegradable corn-starch derived tea bags instead. Don’t be fooled, being biodegradable doesn’t mean they are plastic-free. Products can have a certain amount of plastic content when classed as biodegradable.

Pyramid teabags can be made from 2 materials, one being non-biodegradable nylon and two a genetically-modified plant-based plastic (corn-starch).


Below are a couple of companies that have already sussed the non-plastic Tea Bag –

Pukka Teas “Pukka Herbs tea bags are double chambered (two sides, folded in the middle, cradling the herbs to freely infuse) and are stitched at the top of the bag using a certified organic cotton string. Pukka was the first company to ever use this organic string to hold its staple-free and plastic-free tea bag together. Although a more costly and complex process, each tea bag guarantees that Pukka tea drinkers can rest assured there is no plastic in their cup of tea and their tea bag is compostable as well as 100% biodegradable,” assures Willacy.

Teapigs They’re made from corn-starch and paper and will biodegrade in a council food waste bin but they’re not ideal for composting at home as the corn-starch takes a long time to break down.  However the clear plastic looking inner bag is now compostable – it’s made from a wood pulp material called Nature Flex and is being rolled out across the whole range.


So, next time you are in the store doing the weekly office shop try something different, give these 100% plastic free tea bags a chance and not only will you be helping the environment you will be encouraging a whole office to do the same!


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